It was a packed day! Maybe even a little bit too packed, as some of you noted (we’ll adjust for 2021), but packed with good stuff – tons of interactions, tons of good thoughts to process and some fun that was actually fun :).

We’re thankful to our speakers for their time and energy they invested into this event. And we are very glad to have seen so many young people willing to talk, think, and go deeper into knowing what and why we believe.

There were many questions that were left unanswered (for the lack of time). We are currently in the process of categorizing them and then we are going to interact with them through our web and social media – stay tuned!

Also, during the conference, we recorded all the main sessions. Here are the links to our YouTube channel and these videos.

In a world of 10,000 World-Views – Why Christianity?
In a world of 10,000 Sacred Texts – Why The Bible?
In a world of 10,000 Saviours – Why Jesus?

Thanks for all the feedback you gave us! It will help us with future installments of Just Ask. It was a really good first event, but we want to make it better both in content and organization. Shoot us an email if you have any feedback you still would like to share – we’d really appreciate it.

We’ll keep in touch and keep this site updated. Feel free to reach out to us. And start planning on being at Just Ask in 2021 – we already started planning for it!